Face to face action learning set

Have just finished a useful action learning set here at King’s College London today.  One thing that several members felt was missing was the chance to meet face to face during the project and I was happy to host this here.  We took a similar approach to our online sessions but being able to see my colleagues faces was really useful and we all took away actions from the session.

My main concern for this set was that parts of my planned project have moved off in ways I had not considered when I was writing the bid.  Sarah, our cluster leader had done her homework and was able to restate the project objectives so this helped to focus my thinking.  I will go away to review the mapping of the original bid objectives to refocus what has been achieved during the project and what is outside the scope of this project.

The actions I have come away with are:

  • Delegate some work on the project to other team members – I did assign a team member to each set of records when we did the initial workshop back in January but in most cases, they haven’t been involved due to other priorities or to a need for preparatory work before they could take over.  I will be reviewing each record set work and arranging meetings with them, probably around the evidencing change templates which I think are a good way of focussing activity on the project
  • Define the measures for each record set (these might be high level) and then arrange a meeting/telephone call with Sarah to discuss next steps
  • Start filling in the case study template and consider building skills around story telling ready for the video case study (maybe find someone else to be in the video!)
  • Blog shorter posts and more regularly
  • Share draft evidencing change templates on our action learning set cluster



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  1. Lucy Nelson

    I agree the face to face was very useful, its very different to talking to people online! I think we mentioned doing it again and it would be nice to meet one ot two more times before the end of the programme. I am happy to host at UCLan next time.

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