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Making the project video

Recently the focus of the Transform project has been on making the project video description. The JISC training held in London earlier this year – Storytelling Techniques for Project Dissemination – really helped clarify my thoughts and provided lots of helpful practical advice. I learned not to lose the audience by asking them to read … Read more

Change management and student records

Our recent work on student records has prompted reflections on the nature of change management. Some issues demand technological solutions: Systems can be designed to combat the problem of paper files being generated in up to 8 different departments for a single student Users do not have to print born-digital records for the paper file … Read more

Managing student records

The Transform project is looking at how records are managed in six key areas and, in February, the focus was on student records.  We talked to four teams working with student data and learned a lot from hearing about their frustrations and triumphs. We also identified some areas where efficiency could be improved through using … Read more

Refreshing Transform

There are many difficulties with starting a project once a bid has been successful. It can be hard to get started, and find the right approach, and to find time to think about a new challenge on top of a normal workload. A common experience, reinforced by discussions at our recent Action Learning Set, is that the original scope can, in retrospect, seem too … Read more

Action Learning in Preston

Thanks to Lucy for hosting the Action Learning Set at UCLAN last week. It was really good to meet others and find that two of them are, like me, new to their projects. I thought the principles of Action Learning – something else that is new to me – worked really well, as we took … Read more

Applying Enterprise Architecture webinar

We found last week’s JISC Infonet webinar Applying Enterprise Architecture interesting and informative. It showcased the experience of two universities, Staffordshire University and the University of Bolton. For those who missed it, here’s a link to the recording: Their experiences shared confirmed our feeling that it can be a real challenge finding a common … Read more

Face to face action learning set

Have just finished a useful action learning set here at King’s College London today.  One thing that several members felt was missing was the chance to meet face to face during the project and I was happy to host this here.  We took a similar approach to our online sessions but being able to see … Read more

Evaluating the project

It’s 8 months since our project started in November 2011 and that means that we are nearly half way through.  This is a good time to start to ask the questions about what we have achieved so far and find ways of measuring this against our original objectives. In January, the Information Management team held … Read more

Progress so far

Since the last action learning group on 7th February, We have been trying to address the challenges of this project.  Like most other Higher Education Institutions, we are in a time of great change and financial cut backs and so much of our work has been to research where there is appetite for change and … Read more

Using JISC Resources to address change

The College’s strategic end game is a near complete shift to electronic digital records, information management and archiving, and a reduction in the number of parallel enterprise systems. This will achieve cost savings to digital and physical space and IT support while optimising access to definitive information for business purposes. This will include the provision … Read more